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Munster Hunters: A Munsters Rewatch Podcast

About Us

A Munsters Rewatch Podcast: Take a deep dive into a 60 year old sitcom about a Frankenstein's monster and his grotesque family.

Every week we shun the millions of hours of new, original streaming content to take a look at a classic episode of The Munsters and wax philosophical on Herman, Lily, Grandpa, Eddie, Marilyn, and their insane universe.

Keith looks back on some Munster facts in the Munster Hunter Almanac.

Captain Terry takes us out into international waters and we dive down to the depths of hell in our SCUMA gear and find out about some obscure movies and shows from the cast and guest stars.

Derek guides the crew through a very granular break down of the episode.

Then we decide what would have broken the unbreakable baby sitter from the very first episode of The Munsters.

Every epiisode we get a little too obsessed with bad jokes, vampire puns, and crazy overreactions. Keith and Derek grew up with The Munsters reruns and are revisiting the show (for better or for worse). Terry, however, is watching for the first time and it's all new to him.

Listen every Monday and watch along on YouTube, Peacock, or Amazon. Email us at or follow us on Twitter @munsterhunters.

About the Hosts

Keith G

Shun DMC / Keeper of the Munster Hunters Almanac

Terry V

Dr Dre of Kansas / Captain of the SCUMA Ship

Derek G