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July 6, 2022

SCUMA: Me and the Chimp

SCUMA: Me and the Chimp

SCUMA: From the Depths of Hell

What is a Munster Hunters episode without a deep dive using our SCUMA gear? This last week, Captain Terry checked out some more of the credits from Earl Bellamy, the director of the episode. All-Star Munster was a critical success (us being the critics) but apparently not all of Earl "No Strain" Bellamy's efforts were as successful.

In 1972 Bellamy directed episodes of Me and the ChimpIt was a show that tried to cash in on the monkey and ape craze of the 70s (I assume that was a thing, I mean we did get at least one president that was in an ape show). 

The show focuses on a dentist that befriends a chimp and is called the worst chimp show ever!

Seems pretty cool to me.

Mike Reynolds (Ted Bessell) is a dentist who lives with his wife (Anita Gillette), two children (Scott Kolden and Kami Cotler), and a chimpanzee named Buttons, who is a washout from the space program (a fact unknown to Mike and his family until an old army sergeant visits).

Episodes revolve around Buttons' doings or undoings, such as extending the line Mike drew on a map (to mark their driving route) onward to a ghost town, and stealing an alarm clock which gets Mike arrested for public indecency (in his pajamas).