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Sept. 29, 2022

The Munsters (2022) Movie Review

The Munsters (2022) Movie Review

Rob Zombie's reboot of The Munsters has finally released. There has been a ton of talk about the movie since the first, much maligned trailer was released. Did the 90s hellbilly rocker create a proper modern reimagining of everyone's favorite 60s monster family? 

Here are our thoughts after watching the new release:

Terry: "It’s not a total loss, but this is not the Munsters movie I wanted. I think it’s biggest detriment is the lack of any strong story beats, or even structure. The film tries to cover way too much ground when it should have honed in on a couple of the solid ideas that seem to fly by in the film. There are some good elements sprinkled throughout though. I enjoyed the psychedelic colors Rob Zombie used a whole lot more than I thought I would. There’s also a few pretty decent, Munster-like jokes scattered throughout. I’d also like to give props to Daniel Roebuck, who played Grandpa Munster. He was the highlight for me." -- 5/10 

Keith: "The biggest disappointment for me with the new Munsters movie is more in the 'what could have been' than the 'what we got.' A more skilled director/writer could have made this something special for Munster fans waiting for a big screen shot. Zombie does some world building but it ultimately goes to waste amongst the scatterbrained remaining script. Fun cameos and nods to the fans can only go so far." -- 3/10

Derek: "The movie does have some cool visuals and weird world building elements. They give the film a borderline fun and quirky vibe. However, an actual story is all but abandoned to create 110 minutes of sequential scenes. The acting is all over the place and often times bad. The script is overwrought and totally lacking in any real humor. I went in wanting to like this movie and had a hard time finding anything to even smile about. There's a weird amount of archival TV footage as well. Scenes linger on for too long and some shouldn't exist at all. Even the fan service and classic show references feel forced. There's definitely a timeline where we did get a good Munsters movie, but unfortunately, it isn't this one. Not being negative, just 'dropping ice cold facts.'" -- 2/10

We sat down to talk about our immediate thoughts and opinions. We found some goods, we discussed the bad, and talked for far too long about this movie. Check out our full spoiler-free review and spoiler-filled breakdown in our Special Episode


The movie is available to stream on Netflix or for purchase at retailers like Amazon and iTunes.

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