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S2E11: Herman's Driving Test

S2E11: Herman's Driving Test

May 26, 2023

The Hunters return and are joined by Ezra Stone cosplay master, Tivis! We talk about his favorite episode where Herman gets his driver's license. This ep has it all: promotions, eye tests, propelled laundry, small towns, chi…

S2E10: A Man for Marillyn

S2E10: A Man for Marillyn

May 19, 2023

Gather round with the Hunters to see if the Munsters can transform a frog into a good episode. This one has it all: a wedding, a frog, a broken door, a massacre, a machete, and a possible hoax.

S2E9: John Doe Munster

S2E9: John Doe Munster

May 12, 2023

Unlike Herman, we would never forget our Munsters duties after getting hit in the head by a 300 lbs safe. This ep has everything: a clay bust, head trauma, sketchy adoption laws, a huge kite, pointy side burns, and costume c…

S2E8: Lily's Star Boarder

S2E8: Lily's Star Boarder

May 4, 2023

The Hunters open up their home to all of you as we talk Munsters. Lily rents a room to a cop. This episode has it all: tantrums, undercover stings, illegal fur, discharged firearms, and a booby trap.

S2E7: Operation Herman

S2E7: Operation Herman

April 20, 2023

We bid farewell to one of our favorite Munsters directors with his last episode. Eddie gets his tonsils out and this one has it all: an angry child, child psychology, an idiot doctor, sneaking out, nitrous abuse, and a faint…

S2E6: Happy 100th Anniversary

S2E6: Happy 100th Anniversary

April 7, 2023

Happy 50th Episode! We celebrate by watching another Munsters ep. This ep has everything: bounced checks, secret employment, giant sandwiches, big bologna, and a husband and wife willing to throw it all away while welding.

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